DoorDash Stuck on Confirming Order (What To Do)

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Customers adore DoorDash’s ability to track their orders as one feature. You can better predict when your meal will arrive at your door with the help of this tool.

What happens, however, if the DoorDash tracking status is always Confirming order or doordash stuck on confirming order, doordash order not confirmed, even sometimes doordash stuck on submitting order?
Are there any steps you can take to address this problem?
The same subject intrigued me, so I chose to do some research on it.
Here is all I found out!

Why Does DoorDash Keep Coming Back to “Confirming Order”

Depending on whether the restaurant fails to confirm your DoorDash order or doordash stuck on confirming your order, your order may be stuck in the “Confirming Order” phase. First, examine if the order status has changed by closing and reopening the app. Call customer service after that.

Continue reading to find out more about DoorDash merchants, including how they confirm orders, handle delayed deliveries, and much more. Here is all the research you require!

Why is the status of my DoorDash order always “Confirming Order”?

Your DoorDash order may be in the “Confirming Order” phase for several reasons. Doordash order not confirmed, the most frequent cause of this is a restaurant’s failure to confirm the order on the DoorDash app. The Merchant DoorDash app notifies the restaurant when an order is received. You are informed that the restaurant is preparing your food once a staff member takes your order. The “Confirming Order” notification vanishes as a result.

How quickly does DoorDash confirm your orders?

As stated earlier, the restaurant from which you ordered your food is responsible for verifying the order. However, the time it takes the restaurant to confirm your order is usually a few minutes. It can take up to ten minutes for someone to confirm the order if the restaurant is busy.

How Do Merchants On DoorDash Confirm Orders?

The personnel at a restaurant who accepts DoorDash orders are given a tablet to help manage the orders and update the status of the orders.

As a result, the restaurant receives a notification on the tablet whenever an order is placed. Your order status changes from “Confirming Order” to “Restaurant Making Order” when a staff member sees the message and confirms it.

What’s Up With My DoorDash Order Taking So Long?

  • While, doordash confirming your order DoorDash orders can take longer than the estimated time given in the app. Nevertheless, the following are some of the most frequent causes of this:
  • Traffic has backed up your DoorDasher.
  • Multiple orders have to be picked up by your DoorDasher.
  • On their way to you, your DoorDasher had to make a detour.
  • There are a lot of orders at the restaurant.
  • There was an emergency with your DoorDasher or the restaurant.
  • The restaurant from which you placed your order is no longer open or accepting delivery orders.

Can DoorDash orders be canceled?

DoorDash orders can be canceled, but you must fulfill certain requirements to be eligible for a return if you do so. Having said that, DoorDash will fully refund you if you cancel an order for which a confirmation was never received.

However, you can only get a portion of your money back if you cancel the order after it’s been confirmed or a DoorDasher has been assigned to it.

Additionally, the following are detailed instructions on how to cancel a DoorDash order:

  • Under the “Orders” page, locate the order you want to return.
  • On “View Order,” click
  • Select “Help” on right
  • Choose “Can I cancel my order?”
  • Select “Cancel Order”

DoorDash will show you how much of a refund you are eligible for before you confirm that you wish to cancel your order.

So, you can choose to have the order delivered as usual if you’re only getting a partial refund. If your order wasn’t delivered, is there a chance for a refund?

You can surely get a refund if your DoorDash order never arrived. However, DoorDash places a high priority on client satisfaction.

Therefore, if you don’t get your order, the business will either offer you a DoorDash account credit or refund the money to your bank account.

What Must You Do If Your DoorDash Order Is Missing?

It’s critical to submit a claim with DoorDash in the sad event that your order is never delivered so you may receive your money back.

  • Having said that, use these instructions to file a missing order complaint on the DoorDash mobile app:
  • Under the “Orders” tab, choose the disputed order.
  • On the right side, select “Help.”
  • Click “Order never came” under “Delivery Issues.”
  • Observe the on-screen instructions and decide how you want DoorDash to handle the situation.
  • Additionally, there are many procedures to register an order that never arrived if you order DoorDash using a computer.
  • After that, follow these instructions to submit a report.
  • In the upper-left corner of the screen, select the three-lined button.
  • Under the “Orders” tab, locate the disputed order.
  • Then, on the left, select “Help.”
  • Click “Order never came” under “Delivery Issues.”
  • Choose whether you want a refund or an account credit by following the on-screen instructions.

What Happens If Your DoorDash Order Is Delayed?

You think, why is my doordash order taking so long?
It can take longer for your DoorDash order to reach your home if the status is stalled at “Confirming Order.”
In this situation, it’s also crucial to inform DoorDash of the delayed delivery time.
However, DoorDash has the right to issue you a full or partial refund for missed deliveries.

For instance, the following is how to use the DoorDash mobile app to report a late order:

  • Under the “Orders” tab, locate the disputed order.
  • At the top right side, select “Help.”
  • Select “Order arrived late” under “Delivery Issues”
  • Continue by doing so and choose how you want DoorDash to handle the situation by following the on-screen directions.
  • You can see our entries on DoorDash missing items, DoorDash erroneous orders, and is DoorDash 24/7 for more information.


There are a few common causes for your DoorDash order status to be stopped at “Confirming Order” or why doordash restaurant not confirming order. First, it’s possible that the restaurant overlooked confirming the order on the DoorDash Merchant app.

Or there could be a bug with DoorDash. You can contact DoorDash customer service to fix the problem in either scenario.

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