How to Get More DoorDash Orders

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A great side job to help you earn some additional income is becoming a DoorDash driver. Due to the recent health issue, business for the food delivery service has increased, which necessitates additional deliveries.

You might be wondering how to get multiple orders on DoorDash as a DoorDash delivery driver. You will be able to accomplish more orders as a Dasher if you understand how to use the system and deliver these orders quickly.

You’ll be able to handle more orders and become a more effective Dasher by doing everything from choosing your orders to placing them accurately. You can save more money for that exotic vacation or that new pair of shoes if you receive more orders through DoorDash.

Here are few tips on how to get multiple doordash orders

As a Dasher, your earnings will increase as you complete more orders. To make the most of your delivery time, keep these steps in mind when accepting and delivering orders.

Pick Your Orders Carefully

Choose only logical sequences. Despite the fact that you should accept orders as soon as they become available (since DoorDash acceptance rate matters), make sure the delivery time and place make sense. Making a delivery route that deviates from your regular delivery path is the last thing you want to do.

If there are other restaurants in the neighborhood where you’re delivering, you can also think about doing so so you can pick up another order where you left the last one. Remember that you only have 45 seconds for a regular order and 90 seconds for a batch order to be accepted.

Control several deliveries at once

Learn how to accept multiple orders on doordash. You can finish orders more quickly by managing numerous deliveries at once, and you have more time to take on further orders. Accepting deliveries to residential areas is the most effective strategy to manage many deliveries. With DoorDash’s “Add Order to Route” feature, it’s simple to manage numerous deliveries at once.

When coordinating two deliveries at once, organization is crucial. As a result, think about having post-it notes on hand to designate the various orders and prevent them from getting confused.

You are more likely to be given the chance to make two deliveries at once if you deliver to a residential neighborhood that is densely populated.

Select the Appropriate Time to Work

You will have an advantage over another DoorDash Dasher if you know when to work and this way you will know how to get more door dash orders. You will obtain enough orders if you rush during the busiest lunch and supper hours. As many stay at home and order takeout around the holidays to complete their to-do lists, it’s a great time to get work done.

Learn about the places you serve so you can better predict when they are busy and make sure you are available when. Find a neighborhood with a moderate population and wait there. Look out for current specials, like free delivery or coupon codes for restaurants, as these are more likely to draw customers, to give yourself a head start on choosing these locations.

Plan Ahead for Deliveries

Your ability to Dash in locations during busy hours and dates will be ensured by booking your delivery in advance. On the map, these congested areas are frequently marked as grayed out, indicating maximum occupancy.

To maximize your delivery times, this kind of location is ideal for receiving several orders at once. To guarantee your place in the busy locations, arrange these activities a week in advance, if at all possible.

Planning ahead will help you make the most of your time in high-earning locations and ensure delivery alternatives.

Ensure excellent customer service

Excellent customer service not only secures your place on the DoorDash platform but also motivates people to continue using it. One bad DoorDash experience is all it takes for a user to decide to use a different delivery service the next time they place an online order.

Build Up Your Orders

Check your DoorDash app to compare the different marketplaces and discover the hottest locations. When it comes to receiving doordash stacked orders during the lunch and supper rush, hotspots are ideal.

When a certain restaurant is sending out many orders, you will probably have the chance to stack orders. This is also a chance if there are two restaurants adjacent to one another who deliver to the same home or neighborhood.

On weekends, you’re more likely to stack orders in crowded locations with popular dining establishments.


It’s not hard to increase your DoorDash order volume. To build a loyal customer base, make sure to smile when you meet customers and deliver goods on time. Utilize peak pay and determine the time spent waiting for orders to arrive in hotspot locations.

To maximize delivery time, think about stacking orders and delivering during prime eating times. Follow these instructions to place additional purchases on DoorDash and don’t miss out on delivery alternatives.

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