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An exclusive card created to assist Uber drivers in controlling their gasoline costs is called the Uber Partner Fuel Card. This card, which Uber issues in collaboration with particular gasoline retailers, gives drivers savings on fuel purchases. Drivers may get cheaper gasoline pricing at selected gas stations thanks to the uber gas card. Fuel and other qualified products can be purchased with the card at these locations, and the reduction is applied directly at the pump.

Uber just unveiled the Uber Partner Fuel Card, their latest member to the Momentum Driver Rewards Program, in collaboration with MasterCard. The card, which is a collaboration among Fleetcor and MasterCard, offers eligible drivers discounts of up to 15% off each gallon of petrol they buy at any station nationwide! ExxonMobil, the principal partner in the project, will start offering discounts of at least three cents per gallon this summer in numerous areas, including Boston, Washington, D.C., and New York.

An Uber Partner Fuel Card provides other advantages in addition to gasoline reductions, like fraudulent charges, fuel monitoring, and reporting, as well as the opportunity to place spending caps on the card. Drivers must be regularly operating for Uber and fulfill specific criteria, including such maintaining a good driver rating and finishing a minimum number of trips, in order to qualify again for the partner uber Fuel Card.

How Uber Partner Fuel Card works

The Uber Partner Fuel Card is a practical and economical solution for drivers to control their costs and make savings while operating an Uber vehicle. It’s significant to note that specific restrictions and limitations apply and that the accessibility of a uber gas card and related benefits may vary by area. Uber drivers may save money on gasoline and other driving-related costs by using the Uber Fuel Card activation, a payment card.Be certain you drove 100 journeys this month since you must travel at least 100 trips each month to be eligible for the gasoline card. Once you’ve done that, all you have to do is request your gasoline card at This is how it goes:

  1. As soon as you get an Uber Fuel Card, register it by completing the on-card instructions.
  1. Simply swipe the card at a petrol station that accepts it to use it, or utilize it to purchase items at other places that accept it, such as vehicle washes or automotive repair businesses.
  1. Your uber partner gas card account will be immediately debited for the price of your gasoline or other transactions.
  1. Via the Uber driver app, you can keep an eye on your card’s balance and transaction history. You may save money over time by using Uber, which gives savings on gasoline items purchased with the fuel card.
  1. A charge card called the uber gas card is automatically deducted once a week using the money on your Uber account. You cannot carry a balance for more than a week, thus it is not a credit card. Due to the fact that funds are not automatically taken from a checking account, it is not a debit card. The real appearance of a charge on your account doesn’t happen for several days. So, the phrase “charge card”—a credit card that requires monthly repayment, like that of an American Express card—is the most accurate one.
  1. Moreover, Uber provides benefits for utilizing the gasoline card, such as savings on car maintenance or even other costs associated with drivers.

Is Uber Partner Fuel Card Worth It?

Some cardholders might appreciate that petrol is never purchased with actual cash and is instead deducted from their Uber earnings. We sincerely hope that if that applies to you, you will at the very least conduct the necessary research to ensure that you are not spending extra money only for the comfort of not paying for petrol upfront. An Uber Partner Fuel Card may have a number of disadvantages, including:

1. Limited useability

A poor usability If you choose to fill up at other gas stations, an Uber Partner Fuel Card’s limited usage as a fuel card might be a drawback.

2. Increased gas costs

 According to some drivers, the affiliated gas stations may have higher gas pricing than other places, which means you may wind up spending more for petrol than you would have otherwise.

3. Interest rates

 An Uber Partner Fuel Card has a high annual percentage rate of 29.99% APR, which means you may have to pay a lot of interest if you carry a balance.

4. Limited Rewards

Rewards are not as large as those given by other credit and debit cards or loyalty programs, however, the card does offer certain benefits, such as savings on petrol and maintenance.

No Cashback

The Uber Partner Fuel Card lacks a cash-back option, thus you cannot receive cash rewards for your petrol purchases, in contrast to certain other gas credit cards.

5. Potential For Debt

Due to the fact that the card is made exclusively for Uber drivers, there’s a chance that you might spend too much money on petrol or other expenditures and wind up in debt that you are unable to repay.


Nevertheless, the Uber Partner Fuel Card offers some potential advantages for Uber drivers, including savings on gas and upkeep as well as a practical way to handle expenditures. There are certain disadvantages to take into account, though, including restricted usage, increased petrol costs at multiple input multiple, a high-interest interest rate, limited incentives, the lack of a cash-back alternative, and the possibility of debt. When selecting if the Uber Partner Fuel Card is the correct choice for you, like with any financial instrument, it’s crucial to thoroughly weigh the advantages and disadvantages.

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