Uber Plus Card: What It Is, How to Get and Activate

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Uber, a leading ride-hailing platform, has expanded its services beyond just transportation, offering additional features that cater to various needs. One of these noteworthy offerings is the Uber Plus card, which holds significant importance for users. 

The Uber Plus card provides exclusive benefits, such as discounted fares, priority pickups, and access to premium features. By introducing such services, Uber demonstrates its commitment to customer satisfaction and strives to exceed expectations by offering a comprehensive suite of services that go beyond traditional transportation.

What is the Uber Plus Card?

To improve convenience and rewards for its consumers, Uber has introduced the Uber Plus Card. An exclusive credit card for Uber users. It performs the same duties as a credit card, enabling customers to pay for their Uber trips as well as other online and in-person transactions. In addition to the usual perks and awards provided by the Uber app, the card also gives additional benefits and prizes. 

These include rebates on qualified purchases and expedited Uber Rewards, which can be used to get free or reduced trips. The Uber Plus Card offers consumers a simple, inexpensive method to make payments while taking advantage of special benefits connected to using Uber services, and it has no annual charge.

Features and Benefits:

Uber Rewards

Uber Rewards is a program that rewards regular customers of Uber for their business. Users who take advantage of the program may accrue points for each dollar they spend on qualified Uber trips and Uber Eats orders. These points may then be exchanged for a variety of advantages, including upgrades to premium choices, priority assistance, and reduced or even free trips.

 The program has several stages, including Blue, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond. As participants advance through the tiers, their access to advantages and incentives increases. Uber Rewards is a fantastic method for regular Uber users to optimize savings and take advantage of special benefits in exchange for their loyalty.


On qualified purchases made with the card, users of the Uber Plus Card have the chance to get cashback. Users may reduce their daily expenditures by taking advantage of the variable cashback %, which fluctuates based on the kind of purchase. The card provides a means to earn points and receive a portion of the cost of any eligible transaction back as cashback, whether it be dining out shopping, or another qualified purchase. This function gives the Uber Plus Card an added layer of value, turning it into a useful tool for regular spending savings in addition to being convenient for Uber trips.

Annual Fee

The Uber Plus Card stands out from many other credit cards on the market because of its remarkable benefit of not charging an annual fee. The Uber Plus Card is more affordable and appealing to a wider spectrum of consumers because there isn’t an annual charge. 

Users are free to make use of the advantages and services provided by the card without worrying about additional charges thanks to the removal of the yearly fee burden. Because of this feature, the card is more valuable overall and an appealing option for anyone looking for a credit card designed just for their use of Uber that doesn’t come with a hefty annual charge.

How to Get an Uber Plus Card?

Check Eligibility

There are now just a few countries where the Uber Plus Card is available. Visit the Uber website or check the Uber app to determine if it is available in your location.

Apply Onsite

If you meet the eligibility requirements, you can apply for the Uber Plus Card online through the Uber website or app. The application process typically involves providing personal and financial information for review.

Wait For Approval

After submitting your application, Uber will review your information and make a decision regarding your eligibility for the card. This process may take a few business days. If your application is approved, you will receive the Uber Plus Card in the mail at the address provided during the application process. The card will be accompanied by instructions on how to activate it.

Activating the Uber Plus Card

Once you receive the Uber Plus Card, carefully read the enclosed instructions on how to activate it. The instructions may include visiting a website, calling a toll-free number, or using the Uber app for activation.

Provide Verification

It’s conceivable that you’ll need to confirm your identification and link the Uber Plus Card to your current Uber account as you go through the activation procedure. This procedure is normally followed to confirm the safety, legitimacy, and connection of the card to your account. Follow the instructions carefully, and if needed, supply any information or supporting paperwork. 

Depending on the situation, this can entail confirming personal information, presenting identification, or inputting verification codes. You may successfully finish the activation procedure and start using the Uber Plus Card for simple transactions and access its related advantages by following the instructions and supplying the necessary data.

Start Using Card

Your Uber Plus Card may be used to make purchases in the Uber app and at any qualifying merchant who accepts the card once you have successfully finished the activation procedure. This means you may effortlessly use the Uber Plus Card to pay for your Uber trips as well as to make purchases at a variety of businesses that accept the card. 

To complete the transaction, simply swipe, enter, or present your card throughout the checkout procedure. You are free to make use of its advantages and convenience with your active Uber Plus Card at both establishments that accept card payments as well as within the Uber ecosystem.


For regular Uber users, the Uber Plus Card is an appealing alternative because of its variety of advantages, including cashback and faster incentives. Applying for, getting, and activating the Uber Plus Card may all be done by following the above-mentioned processes, which will improve your entire Uber experience and enable you to make more savings on your transportation costs. Take advantage of the benefits of this card right away by checking the Uber website or app to see whether it’s available where you are.

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